Why Would You Want to Invest in Art?

Why Invest in Art - Blog Post - Katy Speziale

Why would you want to invest in art?

Creative Imagination/ By: Katy Speziale

There are so many reasons why it’s a great idea for you to invest in art:


First of all, there is truly so much value in art. It’s a masterpiece of unique expression. The artist tells a beautiful story through their piece of art. Guess what though, you get to choose how you want to perceive a piece of art. You can choose what it means to you. Everyone sees a piece of art from a different perspective. When I asked my nephew what he thought of my painting, “Beautifully Fierce,” he told me that it looked like a ‘Tomato Tornado.’ He had just watched the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs that week so he was viewing it from that perspective. 

Growth, Expression and the Feels

The energy that art emanates is of such a high frequency! It feels calming, uplifting, and inspiring!! I know that when I am surrounded by art I feel so inspired and ready to take on the world!

Wall-Art - Katy Speziale Art

Art can literally change the entire feel of your environment, and your environment plays a HUGE part in your growth. Think about kids; if we are to create the environment around them in a way that promotes growth and learning, they will thrive and expand their minds rapidly by spending time in that environment. Well, the same goes for us adults. It’s all in how we intentionally choose to set-up our environments to promote our own growth, of where we want to go and who we strive to become. 

Art is a form of not only the artists self-expression, but your own self-expression! Even though you didn’t create the piece of artwork yourself, you owning it says a lot about you as a person. You obviously resonate with the artist on many levels and may share a similar life perspective or strive to share that perspective. It’s a piece of art that you CHOOSE to have in your home and it represents who you are and where you are going. By constantly seeing this piece of art, it will help you manifest what you desire and bring your higher self to the surface.

You Deserve Art - Katy Speziale Art

Emotion and Memories

Art provokes emotion and often times can spark a fond memory. My art has sparked some beautiful memories for people: like a memory of a vacation or place they’ve been, a memory of their hometown, a memory of a loved one they miss, and a reflection of who they used to be. 

I was showing my art gallery to a client, and he saw my painting Fiery Day. It hit him straight in the heart and gave him all the feels. He was completely captivated by the artwork as it reminded him of a place he had travelled to with his son. Having a print of the artwork in his office now, continuously reminds him of that beautiful time he spent there with his son. It’s a way to feel like he’s there every day, feeling the warmth of the fiery sun, and to truly cherish that beautiful memory.         


Art also has an empowering aspect to it. If you think about it, an artist has to be incredibly brave in order to choose to share their work of art with an audience, or to even create it in the first place. Because of this bravery, by  looking at a piece of art, it can remind you of a situation where you felt brave and empower you to be brave again and again.

Collecting and Heirlooms

Some people choose to collect pieces of art from a specific artist that they admire and respect, and you can do so too! 

Lastly, art is an heirloom and can be passed down from generation to generation, so when you’re done enjoying the piece of artwork, you can pass it down to the next generation for them to love and enjoy. Art lasts forever!

I wish for you to find a piece of art that truly resonates with your heart and soul in every way!

Thank you for being here!

With so much love and gratitude,

Katy 💗

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