Why Art is Better than Cake

Why Art is Better than Cake - Katy Speziale Art

Why Art is Better than Cake?

Creative Imagination / By: Katy Speziale

Art on the other hand, lasts a lifetime +. It will bring you so much joy and inspiration every single day, from having it on your walls. It doesn’t go bad and you don’t eat it; instead, it adds beautiful energy and high vibrations to your home. You will feel the inspiration emanate from your wall. 

I truly believe that when we position our environments in a way that reflects who we truly are and where we’re going, a.k.a., our higher selves, we will flourish in our environments! 

I fully understand that you can argue with the point that you can just buy or bake more cake. Which yes, indeed you can, and that’s a great point! But… you know what’s amazing? With art, you buy it once and have it for the rest of your life! You will get to enjoy it every single day without having to re-purchase. Unless you want more and more art for your walls of course, which would just be investing in more joy and high vibes emanating from your walls! 

Another valid point is that cake will grow your waist line and art will grow your inspiration to be your best self. Just saying… haha!

All-in-all, both cake and art are amazing, but art has the longevity  and will bring you so much empowerment, joy, and inspiration every single day!

I’d love to know what your thoughts are on the topic! Please feel free to leave a comment below.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have the most wonderful day filled with so much joy and inspiration!

Much love, 

Katy 💗

2 thoughts on “Why Art is Better than Cake”

    1. Thanks beautiful!!! 💗🥰 I agree! Cake is a form of art for sure! I should have specified “Wall Art” hahahaha But yes, everything has so much beauty in its own ways! 💖

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