What’s Holding You Back in Life?

What's Holding You Back in Life - Blog Post - Katy Speziale Art

What's Holding you Back from Reaching Your Full POtential?

Creative Imagination / By: Katy Speziale

If you’re an optimist, overly positive person like me, you may forget to take an honest look at what’s not working in your life.

I invite you to sit down quietly with yourself and journal about what’s truly holding you back from reaching your goals; from reaching your full potential.

When I began to think about what’s actually holding me back, some truths that I didn’t want to admit to myself brewed to the surface.

I realized a couple things:

1. I didn’t have the proper equipment to do the things I wanted to do.

2. I needed to put myself/love myself first.

With becoming aware and admitting these realizations to myself I have been able to knock them out of my way. The only thing that ever stops me is myself.

I immediately invested in the proper equipment to make my life so much easier and in-flow. 

I ordered a microphone so that I can properly create an audiobook for my book, The Empowered Creator, and to speak professionally on podcasts, and eventually create my own podcast. 

I invested in a phone holder/ring light stand to easily allow me to film myself painting/creating/etc., so that I can post on social media easily and consistently. I actually show up for my audience now. Before it was a HUGE production to create one single social media post. I would have to move some sort of table or something, put an upside down vase to create height, and balance a card holder and lamp on it. The card holder would balance my phone inside and the lamp was to create proper lighting. It was quite an ordeal and trying to get the right angles to film when I painted felt nearly impossible. 

Having this new phone holder/light stand allows me to create videos pretty much anywhere, and with so much ease. I actually enjoy creating the videos now!

Another big thing that had hindered me for a long time was to properly frame my artwork. Before, I didn’t have proper sized matting so I chose to put the painting over the matting but right against the glass of the frame. It looked pretty decent, the only problem, was that the painting overtime would stick to the glass and taking it out of the frame it would loose some paint. Well, I finally chose to invest in proper size matting to fit the artwork perfectly and frame my art in a professional manner.

I realized that I was also choosing to love someone else over loving myself. I became aware that I need to put myself first.

This is definitely a more vulnerable post and I am perfectly fine with it. We all go through beautiful learning experiences and it is all part of the journey of life! I am grateful to have recognized these things that were holding me back and have the courage to take action and invest in my journey and love myself more and more.

What’s holding you back from reaching your highest potential; living as your highest self? Feel free to let it out in the comments… trust me, some things can be difficult to admit to not only yourself, but to others, but once you do, it will feel like a million bricks are lifted off your shoulders. I wish you lightness and growth.

If you got this far, thank you so much for reading and being here!

With so much love and gratitude,

Katy 💗

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