We’ll be a Dream


Sometimes you realize that you can’t be in a relationship with a person, and the only place you can ever be together is in a dream. 

Medium: Acrylic Paint
Size: 20” x 20” Gallery Wrapped Canvas

We’ll be a Dream:

We often wish that a relationship could work out somehow but deep down we truly know that it will never work, for whatever reason (circumstances, habits, lifestyles, etc.) that may be. The only place you can be with that person is in your dreams. This painting is truly a healing journey piece of art and will help you heal with it’s high frequency of vibration. Every part of your journey truly makes you who you are today. Situations like this relationship one are often lessons that we’re meant to learn and grow from, to blossom into the truth of who we truly are; if you choose to look at the situation from that perspective. If you’ve gone through most of that healing journey from a similar situation, this artwork will then be a symbol and remind you of where you came from.

Weight 3.0 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 10 cm


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