Schreiber Beach Beauty


Schreiber Beach is a place of calmness and beauty! A place to feel grounded with nature!

Size: 24″ x 36″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Medium: Acrylic Paint


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The Meaning of the Art!

Remember to always be present in the moment! There is so much beauty and inspiration everywhere we go, if we choose to see and appreciate it. At Schreiber Beach you’ll surrounded yourself with water, mountains, trees, and rocks.

The Story of How the Artwork Came to Be!

During the start of the year of 2021, I was told that the Township of Schreiber would be taking art submissions and choosing ten of the submissions to be printed onto aluminum diabond to be placed on businesses around the town. The theme was “Schreiber Beauty.” I immediately thought of the view when you first walk down to Schreiber beach! Such a beautiful location and great representation of Schreiber’s Beauty! I added my special style to it by adding the bold sunset colours. My artwork ended up being chosen and is now printed on aluminum diabond and hung up on Cebrario’s Hardware in Schreiber!

Weight 4.25 kg
Dimensions 61 × 92 × 20 cm


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