Peace is Flowing like a River



The most blissful feeling of peace that you could imagine. Calm and flowing, like a river filled with dancing lilies.


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The Meaning of the Artwork

We all have the choice of whether we react to a situation or respond. There is a big difference between the two. Reacting is when you don’t think about your response and immediately react based on your previous experiences, the beliefs you hold, and any baggage you hold onto. When you respond, you almost step outside the situation for a moment and think about how to respond in a calm, efficient, effective, and intelligent manner.

It takes time to control your mind to do this, but choosing to have a peaceful, calm attitude towards life will allow you to achieve your goals effortlessly and with ease and flow!! You will start to attract everyone and everything in your life that you need to help you reach your goals!

The Story Behind the Artwork!

I am often inspired by my own art to create more. As I was looking at my creation, ‘Love Every Moment,’ something amazing caught my eye!! ‘Love Every Moment,’ was created with chunks of paint that I had kept from one of my palettes!

Within the paint chunks, a little piece of dried paint captured my attention: it has blue, purple, and white, with some yellow lines, and what looked like a little lily in the middle!!!! It was sooo beautiful, that I decided to base this entire painting, “Peace is Flowing like a River,”  off of that one little paint chunk!!! It was meant to be! I was incredibly peaceful and content while painting it too, which is reflected in the painting itself!!


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