Peace is Flowing like a River



The most peaceful feeling you could imagine. Calm, flowing, like a river filled with dancing lilies.

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The Meaning of the Artwork

Always choose to be calm in any situation that comes your way! Yes, you have the choice whether you react in a situation, or simply respond in an effective, calm manner! Choose to leave a calm aura in the world!
It takes time to control your mind to do this, but having a peaceful, calm attitude towards life will allow you to achieve your goals effortlessly and with ease and flow!! You will start to attract everyone and everything in your life to help you reach your goals!

The Story Behind the Artwork!

I love looking at my own art for inspiration to create more! As I was looking at my creation, ‘Love Every Moment,’ something amazing caught my eye!! ‘Love Every Moment,’ was created with chunks of paint that I had kept from my palette! There’s a great story behind that one!
Anyways, within the paint chunks, a little piece captured my attention: it has blue, purple, and white, with some yellow lines, and what looks like a little lily in the middle!!!! Sooo beautiful, that I based this entire painting off that one little paint chunk!!! It was meant to be! I was incredibly peaceful and content painting it too!!

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