Surrender and allow your life to be pure and “light” as a feather; where everything feels effortless, with ease and flow.  

Size: 20″ x 20″ Gallery Wrapped Traditional Canvas
Medium: Acrylic Paint

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The Meaning of the Art!

This painting is a reminder to let things be light and do what feels light. Did you know that you can be a lot more productive when you’re in a state of flow?

Let go and let more light enter into all areas of your life: such as in your relationships, in your business/work, in the health of your body, and everywhere else.

Shine your light on the world… be your genuine and divine self; live your truth.


The Story of How the Artwork Came to Be!

The story behind this piece of art is incredible! As per usual, I was channeling from a higher place, from God from start to finish for this creation. Here’s how the story went…

After I published my book, The Empowered Creator, I asked myself, what’s my next move? Well two hours later I had this flash in my head.. a quick flash of this painting. I’m like, “Woah! I need to paint this!” So I painted the background for it the next day! Then I took a break for a couple days. I went for a walk and was asking, “Hmm, what should I do today?” Well, guess what I see, a paint brush on the ground while I was walking. That was a sign for sure. I was meant to paint that day! It’s interesting though because I chose to ignore the sign. Then the next day I was out for my walk with my boyfriend and I kid you not, the entire path we took had white feathers! There were white feathers everywhere! I’m like, “Okay, okay God, I see you, I hear you.” I painted half of the feather and I set the canvas aside for a couple more days. I began to fold my laundry and one of my pairs of pants had a ton of lint. I grabbed my re-useable lint mitt and fixed them up. While doing so, I noticed a tiny white feather sticking out of the fabric of the pants. How it got there is beyond me… we don’t even have feather pillows in the house… another sign indeed. I finished the painting that night! I loved how many synchronicities occurred during the creative process of “Light.” So incredible!


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Dimensions 60 × 60 × 10 cm


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