Honeysuckle Sunset



A sunset, flowing with the colours of a honeysuckle.

Size: 9” x 12” thin canvas in an
11” x 14” frame

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The Meaning of the Artwork

Sunsets are so beautiful, an end of another beautifully fulfilling day! A time to be grateful for what the day brought to you, and be grateful for what tomorrow will bring!! Tomorrow will be full of potential and possibilities!

The Story Behind the Artwork!

This artwork was created by allowing the paint brush to flow and create something beautiful! It was pure intuition! I picked out the colour tones that I was feeling at the time, which were the colours of a honeysuckle! Then I picked up the paintbrush and went at it! Honeysuckle sunset came to be!! I kept painting and painting until I looked and thought, “Wow a Sunset!” and then stopped! It was just one of those ones that kind of happened! Purely intuitive! Sometimes when you go into painting without a preconceived idea, it can turn out to be the most incredible creation!


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