Follow Your Heart


Always listen to your heart and soul; they always know what’s best.
Medium- Acrylic Paint
Size- 16” x 20” Gallery Wrapped Traditional Canvas

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The Meaning of the Artwork
Intuition is your awareness of that gut feeling within you that’s telling you to do something or to not do something. It’s basically an instinctive feeling instead of conscious reasoning. It’s when you follow your heart and let God work through you.

The Story Behind the Artwork!
The idea for this painting popped into my mind one day, and I quickly jotted it down in my notebook. I put the idea aside because I didn’t have time to do it (didn’t choose to make and prioritize time for it)! When I started to write my book, The Empowered Creator, I decided that I wanted to add one of my inspirational paintings to each chapter title page. I already had 5 that were super fitting for those chapters, but needed a painting for the chapter “Intuition.” I realized that “Follow Your Heart” would be the perfect painting and I had wanted to paint it anyways! It was perfectly synchronistic.

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 61 × 46 × 10 cm


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