Falling Colours



Trees, letting go of their colourful leaves; or hands, letting each other go, for the better.

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The Meaning of the Artwork

Just like the tress letting go of their beautiful leaves, sometimes letting go of what may seem amazing at the time, can be such a beautiful thing!!! Sometimes things seem good but something inside, a.k.a your heart, is telling you otherwise! Listen to your heart, always, and let go of what needs to be let go, to set yourself free so you can let in the good!!! Let go, to let in!

The Story Behind the Artwork!

At first, I was just painting an abstract with tons of colours! I didn’t quite know what it would become at the time. With just the colourful background it looked super retro and all I could picture was an old sofa in the middle of the painting. I sat the canvas aside for a very long time, not knowing what to do with it next! I finally picked it up months later, with the inspiration that it reminded me of fall! I painted a tree on each side! I wanted to make the painting more elegant and beautiful, so I did a smooth and shiny whitewash over the colour and added a sun in the center!!! It reminds me of an Easter egg! The colourful leaves were soon added in and Falling Colours came to be!
Sometimes you just need to be patient and wait for the right inspiration to hit you! ❤

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