Cosmic Night



A beautifully, cosmic night sky, up high; so colourful, like a dream. What a mystery the sky can be.

Limited-Edition Giclée Print, 9” x 12” with white border (unframed- fits in 11 x 14 frame)

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The Meaning of the Artwork

Have you ever looked at the sky and saw stars, the moon, northern lights, the milky way, shooting stars, and thought about what a wonder the sky can be?! Even when it’s dark, there’s still colour and light from all these parts of the atmosphere (space). It’s just like in life! Even in what seems like the darkest situations, there is always a silver lining or light within it! Choose to find and see the good in everything, because there is good in everything! Life is full of lessons and generally, the ‘tough’ moments are the ones that will make us tough! They are the moments we will learn and grow from if we choose to! The choice is yours! In the darkest moment, choose to see the light!!!

The Story Behind the Artwork!

I honestly cannot remember what inspired me to paint Cosmic Night! All I know is that I absolutely love the moon, stars, and night and I am incredibly grateful for the colour in our world!

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