Beauty on the Side



A beautiful day. Beauty is found in our surroundings. Inspiration is found everywhere!

Limited-Edition Giclée Print, 9” x 12” with white border (unframed- fits in 11 x 14 frame)

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The Meaning of the Artwork

Beauty is everywhere! Look for the beauty in everything: from your surroundings, to your experiences in life. When you always look for beauty, you will always find it! Finding beauty will bring so much inspiration to your life!

How the Artwork Came to Be!

I was a passenger while driving to Thunder Bay, ON for an appointment and/or shopping! I love watching out the window as a passenger, looking for inspiration and beauty in my surroundings! There it was- ‘Beauty on the Side’ of the road!!! These amazing red/brown mountains with a tree-line and blue sky on top! A snow bank is still there way in the distance, yet green grass infront! So much beauty that I felt so inspired to paint it! I can’t remember if there were flowers and water or if I had just decided to add those for more beauty to the painting! Inspiration truly can be everywhere!!

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