Beautifully Fierce



A wave of fire with a burning desire; so beautiful, fierce, and unstoppable.


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The Meaning of this Fierce Artwork

When your vision becomes the most fierce, burning desire within, there will be no stopping you!

You are a wave of fire! So strong, intense, brave, determined, and resilient, all in a beautiful way!! Your success is inevitable and you are a beautiful force, worthy of all your dreams and goals!

The Story Behind the Artwork!

When I named this painting, I had the intention of the meaning behind it in my mind, but when I asked my oldest nephew, who was maybe 5 at the time, what he thought about the artwork, he replied, “It’s like a Tomato Tornado!” hahahaha I think he had just watched the movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs!” a few days before that. It still makes me laugh and smile! It really goes to show how much perspective can vary between everyone! I interpret this art in a certain way, my nephew does in another way, and you may interpret and connect with this artwork in a different way as well, which is all perfectly fine! We see things from a perspective based on what we know and the experiences we have gone through in life!

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