9″ x 12″ Stretched Canvas Art Print – Midnight Crow


A gorgeous art print depicting a crow (you), standing tall; admiring the vibrant glow from the moon: realizing your own vibrant potential!

The Meaning of the Art Print

Always stand tall and be proud of who you are! You are so vibrant and have so much potential within! I encourage you to discover your potential and tap into it, to consciously create your world around you.

The Story Behind the Art Print!

Just like like painting, “Beauty on the Side,” I was inspired to create Midnight Crow when I was a passenger in a vehicle for a day trip to Thunder Bay, ON. During the drive, I was watching out the window and there was literally the most electric-looking green and purple moss on the ground!!! It illuminated the side of the road and made me feel so inspired!! That’s how the colours came about in this artwork!

I absolutely love seeing crows sit on dead trees! Oddly enough, I see a lot of beauty in dead trees: The ones without leaves that are basically just branches with moss! I absolutely LOVE them and love crows as well! I figured this combination of crow, dead tree, and moss would create the most beautiful painting! I absolutely love it and I hope it resonates with you!


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