9″ x 12″ Stretched Art Canvas Print – She’s a Dreamer


A beautiful woman, gazing into a fiery sunset: a dreamer of everything she desires.

The Meaning of the Artwork

A dream. Your dream; with no one else’s influence behind it!
Something YOU have a burning desire to do for the world and/or yourself!
As soon as I took away outside circumstances and opinions, I was truly able to go within and realize what my dream is! What I want for myself and what I want to bring to the world! A mission and a vision of where I’m going!
Ask yourself, “What would I love?” Keep being a dreamer of all the possibilities!

The Story Behind the Artwork!

I truthfully painted this piece of art a few years before realizing my dream!

I’ve always been a dreamer in ways, knowing that there is something bigger out there that I’m destined to do, but just didn’t know what it was until that moment.

Whenever a job didn’t feel right or felt like it wasn’t the path I was supposed to take, I knew I had to move on and take the next step to get me to where I am today! I was always brave enough to know when to walk away, regardless of how good I was at what I was doing, and regardless of other people’s opinions of what they felt that I should do for my life! I always eventually realized when something wasn’t the right path!

I encourage you to always listen to your heart! Your intuition will guide you on the path you are meant to take!! Always dream and take aligned actions towards your dream!


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