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The Opportunity of Art - Katy Speziale Art - Blog Post

There are so many opportunities in front of us every single day, IF we choose to see them. 

When it comes to art, sometimes we make so called, “mistakes.” For example, sometimes the paintbrush can smudge across the canvas in the wrong way, or the paintbrush drops out of your hand and it hits across the painting on the way down, or when paint splatters out of the paint tube onto your work of art. The are so many situations that can occur while creating. After that moment, it’s a choice of how we choose to respond to that situation. Do you choose to see the “mistake” as a mistake, and let it ruin your whole piece of art, or do you see it as an incredible opportunity for something more?

I personally love to see these “mistakes” as incredible opportunities. It’s all about re-framing your mindset. I choose to see it as an opportunity for something new to come out of the painting that I didn’t originally plan for in the first place. Guess what!!! By being open to opportunity, my paintings turn out 10x better than they would have if I had stuck to my original plan. By leaving my mind open to opportunity,  it truly allows my imagination to expand and take that next step. How can I further this piece of art, in a way that I never would have imagined? Maybe I can add more smudges so that the accidental smudge looks cohesive and looks like it was intentionally placed there; or maybe I could add a star, bunny, rock, tree, flower, another branch, or something else overtop of the smudge? Maybe you need to paint over the smudge and make your background look a little bit different than before. Imagine something that’s relevant to the painting and situation, and go for it! Why not. What’s the worst you can do, “ruin” your painting? You already did that! 😉 

Expand your mind to see the potential you have right in front of you and create the most amazing painting that you didn’t expect to happen! Trust me, your imagination will surprise you when you allow it to wander and create! 

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Happy creating! 

Have a wonderfully creative and imaginative day!

With so much love and gratitude, 

Katy!  💗

2 thoughts on “Opportunity of Art”

    1. Exactly! 🥰 This can be applied to anything in life. Rather than focusing on the negative aspect of a situation, focus on the positives that have, or will come from it!
      Thanks for your support and comment! 💗

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