Intentionally Create with your Imagination!

Intentionally Create with Your Imagination

Intentionally Create with your Imagination!

Creative Imagination/ By Katy Speziale

Our imaginations are absolutely incredible! They create our outcomes in life every single day! What thoughts are going on in your head? You may want to start thinking intentionally! 

Thinking Intentionally

How do you think with intention? First, you must figure out what it is that you want in life! Not what everyone else wants for you, but what YOU want! So push their thoughts and opinions aside and go deep within yourself and decide what you want to do with your life? What would you love to do, experience, have, become? 

Once you figure out who you truly are inside, you can tap into that desire by taking aligned actions while always keeping that end goal in mind! When you have the end goal in mind, you will be intentionally creating each step towards the goal!

So what’s the biggest benefit of intentionally creating with your imagination?

You create your world!

Believe it or not, you create your world with your imagination! When you use your imagination to create scenarios in your head and put focused attention, intention, and a lot of genuine, good feeling towards it, you will manifest that scenario into your world!

Think about the last time you thought you were going to fail at something. For example, “I am not going to get any sales in my business after Christmas because no one will want to buy!” That is a preconceived idea and a crumby belief to have!

When I’ve thought of these kind of scenarios in the past, I generally manifest my exact thoughts into my world, since those are the vibrations I am sending out into the Universe! Next time imagine, “Wow! My products are going to sell like hot cakes after Christmas and everyone will want them!” 

I did this in my Norwex business! I realized that every time a Flash Sale popped up, I would automatically tell myself in my head, “I never sell Flash Sales!” As soon as I consciously became aware that I was doing this, I’m like nope! This is stopping right now! I changed my thinking and started to tell myself, “I always sell Flash Sales, I sell them like hot cakes!” I ended up selling two that time around and I also won a prize from my Upline for selling the two! 

a Shift in Mindset

You can say no to any doubt that appears in your mind and create a beautiful scenario instead! The more happiness and joy you create in your mind, the happier you will actually start to feel!! Allow that feeling to happen! Creating with your imagination can genuinely put you in a joyous mood if you control your thoughts and what you are imagining! Be consciously aware of what your imagination is creating! Decide what you want it to create by being intentional!

Truly shift your thinking by blessing and releasing the old belief, believing the new belief with whole-hearted faith, and holding onto that new belief; watch how things change and unfold in your life! With feeling and aligned action the magic is sure to happen!

Have a wonderfully creative and imaginative day!  ♥

With love and gratitude,
Katy ♥

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