How to find the way you love creating art

How to Find the Way you Love Creating Art Blog - Katy Speziale

Discover your creative side

Have you ever thought about dabbling in art but just haven’t been able to muster up the courage to try? Take this as a sign! You are the creator of your life and your canvas! It’s time to discover your creative side! You will not know what you love until you try! You will only regret what you didn’t try so let’s do this!

Be brave

Firstly, before you even think about trying something new, you need to have the courage to do so! Choose to be brave and step out of your comfort zone! Even if you’re not great at working with a type of art medium at first, you will improve every time you practice creating with it! If you don’t enjoy working with a medium, at least you will know from giving it a chance! With trying something new, you may realize how much you love doing something that you didn’t think you would love to do so much! 

Try something new

I recommend trying several different mediums before settling on one! Different mediums can include, acrylic paint, water colour paint, oil paint, pastels, pencil crayons, ink, charcoal, pottery clay, glass, sand, epoxy, and literally anything else you can think of to create with! 

You can create on several different objects or surfaces as well, such as canvas, birch bark, glass, furniture, wood, walls, paper, floor, and literally on anywhere and anything you can possibly create on!

You can also use several different techniques in art depending on the medium you choose to work with! If you choose to paint with acrylics, you can use techniques such as splattering (use a tooth brush to splatter paint across your canvas), blotting (dabbing big blots of paint across the canvas), dry brushing, small brush strokes, etc.  When it comes to something like drawing, you can use techniques such as cross hatching, scribbling, shading and blending, etc.


Experiment with some of these different mediums, surfaces, and techniques! You can even think outside the box and come up with your own medium, surface to work on, and/or technique to use! The possibilities are truly endless! Utilize your imagination to the fullest and allow yourself to be curious and have fun with your art! After doing some experimenting, you will eventually discover what you thoroughly enjoy to create! Build upon your love for that, and you will fluorish! 

If you would like to dig further into your creativity, please click here to check out my book, The Empowered Creator! You will find so much value in it! 

Have a wonderfully creative and imaginative day! 💗
With love and gratitude, 

Katy 💗

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