How to Bring Nature Indoors

How to Bring Nature Indoors - Katy Speziale

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Are you a nature lover? I’m someone who absolutely loves to spend a lot of time in nature. I grew up in a small town that’s literally surrounded by nature, kind of like a little valley in a sense. We always joke that the town is like a salad bowl because it’s surrounded by mountains and trees! Growing up in such a way, gave me such a deep appreciation for nature. I was able to walk like 3km to get to a beach (from my parents home) and we were able to walk to lookouts right from the side of the streets in town. I always felt so blessed to have nature so close. Now I live in a small city. Besides my family and loved ones, being surrounded by nature was one of the things I missed the most. I decided to find ways to bring the feel of nature close to me again, and my heart feels so whole because of it. I brought it indoors! 

I’m excited to share some of the ways I did this, with you.

Why Should You Bring Nature Indoors?

Think about how nature makes you feel? Nature personally brings me so much peace, calmness, and makes me feel very connected with God. I love positioning my environment in a way that makes me feel energized, inspired, and keeps me in a high vibration. Adding nature to my home helped me feel these ways again. You can add nature to your home so that you can feel these ways too. 

Adding Nature to Your Home

Some easy ways to add the feel of nature to your home is through nature-based art. As you may already know, I have been painting with acrylics on canvas for over 15 years. I love to surround myself with vibrant nature-based art. If you enjoy creating, you can create a painting, drawing, sculpture, etc., that involves nature. Some people even get shadow boxes and create art that has the sand, beach glass, and shells right on it. If you don’t enjoy creating in those ways, you can always invest in artwork that has elements of nature within it.

Schreiber Beach Beauty - Katy Speziale Art - Acrylic Original Painting

Another way that I used to start bringing nature to my home was by adding house plants. Me and my boyfriend started with 4 plants, and within a year we now have 15, and will continue to add more in the future, I’m sure. Being from Northern Ontario, we only have so long of a season for having gardens outside, so having houseplants helps keep that naturey feel indoors, which especially soothes my soul even extra in the winter months.

I realized that I really missed the beaches back home and decided to create some beaches in a jar. I took beach sand and added some of my favourite beach rocks on top, along with some shells. I also have a beach glass jar which I love and may add some sand at the bottom of that one as well. Having them in a jar ensures that the rocks, shells, sand, and beach glass won’t get dusty, and makes them really easy to maintain, as the jar would just need wiped down or dusted on the outside.


Whenever I find a beautiful feather on the ground outside, I bring it in and give it a wash with soap and water. Then I stick it into the soil in one of my house plants. 


I am a huge rock lover so I add tons of rocks around my home as well… like literally rocks EVERYWHERE. I have found so many beautiful rocks throughout the years so I line them up on window sills, add them to shelves, put the in clear candy dishes, jars, and vases, and literally add them to every surface I can find. 


Some other ideas are to add an indoor waterfall to your home. Little tabletop ones are always nice, and having that soothing sound of water is incredible. 

Another idea is having little pieces of driftwood and/or pinecones as decorative pieces around your home.

Homemade wreaths for Christmas is another great way to add nature to your home during the holiday seasons. 

Sharing Ideas

I’d love to know your ideas of how you add nature to your home! Please feel free to share your ideas in the comments, or follow my social media pages and add a photo in the comments of this post, of how you’ve added the feel of nature to your home… or how you would like to in the future.

Thanks for reading! Have an incredibly creative and imaginative day!

With so much love and gratitude, 

Katy 💗

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