Benefits of Creating Artwork!

Benefits of Creating Artwork- Katy Speziale Art

Benefits of Creating Artwork!

Creative Imagination/ By Katy Speziale

There are so many benefits to creating artwork! The list probably goes on way further but I will list a few big ones that first come to my mind!

 1. You end up with a beautiful masterpiece. 

The one may be an obvious one! You end up with a beautiful masterpiece to add so much inspiration and joy to the world!! Can’t go wrong with that!

2. Mental health

Creating can improve your mental health significantly! It’s a great way to spend your time by allowing yourself to just let go of all your emotions. Feeling sad? Paint! Feeling mad? Paint! Paint the emotions out of you to help let them go! Turn those emotions into something beautiful instead!  

Focussing on and getting absorbed in creating something artistic can truly neutralize and rejuvenate your soul, especially if creating art is a passion of yours! You will be in such a beautiful state of flow!

3. Ideas will appear!

The more you create and use your imagination, the more ideas will appear frequently! When you create with your imagination with a lot of feeling, ways and ideas to express what you want to create will suddenly appear to you in ways you would have never expected! Whether it is ways/ideas in your mind, or ways in your outer world, the ideas will show as long as you are open to receiving them! The possibilities are truly endless!

Those are the 3 main ones that pop in my mind! Creating artwork is such a beautiful thing and it not only helps you, but brings so much beauty to the world!

Have a wonderfully creative and imaginative day!  ♥

With love and gratitude,
Katy ♥

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